Monday, August 09, 2010

Gallup: 79% of those in the "tea party movement" identify themselves as Republicans. 62% consider themselves conservative Republicans.

So much for the notion that this tea party hoo-ha is bi- or non-partisan; it's merely rebranding: "...the presence of a new political force that is not called Republican and is not tied to George W. Bush has given the GOP a glorious opportunity to remake its image, at a time when trust in the party is very low. Some liberals deride the Tea Party as a new bottle for old Republican wine. But rebranding works...."


Southern Beale said...

... and in case you hadn't noticed, the bloom must be off the Tea Party rose because they are no rebranding themselves further as "Constiutional Conservatives."

Amazingly, these people who claim to love the Constitution think freedom of religion doesn't apply to Muslims, freedom of speech doesn't apply to anyone who disagrees with them, and the 14th Amendment needs to be repealed.

Crazy world we live in ...

Slovis, Rutherford and Weinstein, P.L.L.C. said...

Yep. Intolerance.