Friday, June 10, 2011

TDOT says Britton Bridge can resume projects; future contract eligibility in the air. Here's my problem with this wishy-washy approach. If Britton Bridge is excluded from bidding on future jobs, it would be presumably because they run an unsafe business. In that case, why would they be allowed to continue the four jobs they are working now?

Either they are a safe business and therefore eligible to bid jobs in the future, or they are unsafe and should be removed from all current work now. And if there is a finding that Britton is unsafe, is it not dangerous to the workers on their job site -- not to mention the public -- to allow them to continue? If they are a safe business, then why would TDOT implicitly defame them by tossing out the notion that they might be prohibited from future bidding? It strikes me as contradictory to let them finish current jobs, presumably safely, but perhaps bar them from future bidding.

TDOT, make up your mind.

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