Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Michael Barone bemoans the alleged fact that 90% of the news media is of the Democratic persuasion. I say, so what? Consider:
* Does being a Democrat mean one can't report the news objectively?
* If the Democrats had Big Media locked up, then why the unprecedented attacks on the Clinotn Administration from 1992-2000? See, e.g., The Clinton Wars, by Sidney Blumenthal.
* If Big Media is so infested with Democrats, impliedly forcing a Democratic agenda, then how is it that a Republican won in 2000 and 2004, and how is it that Republicans have kept control over Congress for years?
* Who owns Big Media? I'm betting there are a bunch of Republicans in there.

The fact is that the media is, as Carville and Matalin called it, "The Beast," and The Beast must be fed. The Beast doesn't care who is -- literally -- the sacrificial lamb; it just needs stories to feed it. I used to yell about the Washington Post when I lived in D.C., considering its coverage of Israel unfair and biased [it was]. The point is, The Beast is non-partisan, omni-partisan, whatever. It doesn't care, as long as it has raw meat from somewhere.

UPDATE: Here's a how-to on getting the Beast to pay attention to you.

How this woman got on Al-Jazeera is beyond me. She gives better than she gives, though.

Take a look quickly, because I'll bet the link doesn't stay active for long.