Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"In case you forgot -- or didn't know in the first place -- Wendell Potter, the former head of corporate communications for CIGNA, says profits drive the insurance industry, and that its highly paid executives deceive and manipulate to put shareholders first - above the health needs of their members.

Potter, certainly a guy in a position to know, said further that "there are no government 'death panels.' The law doesn't cut Medicare benefits and it doesn't call for a 'government takeover' of health care. . . . My colleagues and I came up with that term to scare the heck out of people." (emphasis added)

Anybody else feel manipulated and deceived?
Trespassing, yes. DUI, No: DUI conviction of man who was sitting in a parked car, in a private driveway, with the motor off, is overturned by the Nebraska Supreme Court. Said the Court:

We do not believe the Legislature intended to make a citizen drinking a beer while cleaning out his vehicle parked in his driveway guilty of a crime because the vehicle is overhanging the sidewalk," Justice William Connoly wrote in the 38-page ruling.

The county court concluded that because McCave had stated that he was leaving while he was in his vehicle with the keys in the ignition and the motor off, the officers could infer that McCave drove to (his father's and stepmother's) house intoxicated. We disagree.

For once, a sensible decision from the courts. Too bad it had to go all the way to the state supreme court first.

Starving the beast: "How cuts to Social Security Administration will hurt you."

You know, I see all this talk about budget cutting and how the lower and middle income people are going to have to suffer and sacrifice for the good of all. When are the wealthy people, who can most afford to make some sacrifices, going to be called upon to do their share?
New York High Court: lack of seat belts in busses actionable at law. I've always wondered how bus companies get away with having no seat belts. This court ruling shows that they will not necessarily get off scott free. From a personal injury point of view, this is a good decision.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tennessee lawmaker who pushed guns-in-bars law charged with DUI: You reap what you sow?