Friday, May 13, 2011

Call her "Your Honor:" Tammy Harrington selected as new Blount County Circuit Court Judge.
Tort "reform:" Legislation by anecdote -- “What I think you are hearing today, is, we’re legislating by anecdote. ‘I once knew of somebody who was sued for this amount, for this reason.’ Legislating by anecdote. That’s not a good way to act."

Translation: Tennesseeans, your state government has just passed a bill that is not based on any proven need. They are moments away from changing over 200 years of established law based on nothing but the greed of Big Insurance and Big Business, and the legislators and governor who are eager to do their bidding.

What have we come to? And, God forbid, where are we going?
Not only does this Republican government not care a whit for the rights of Tennesseans, it's homophobic to boot.