Friday, September 02, 2011

"No Refusal" Weekend in DuPage County, Illinois: Those darn citizens, trying to "skirt the law by refusing to be tested" via breath test. How dare they know that breathalyzer equipment is notoriously unreliable. How dare they rely on their constitutional rights. As Knoxville DUI attorneys, we generally recommend that persons stopped on suspicion of DUI decline the field breahtalyzer because of its known lack of accuracy. There should be no stigma in insisting that the police use only the most accurate possible test to determine whether a violation has occurred. And taking blood test is the most accurate test.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The solution to our woes? Better tennis = better position in global affairs.

Hey, I miss Connors and McEnroe and Borg and Evert, too, but come on.
Allstate's new tactic: Intimidating doctors that support plaintiffs' injuries. More fun and games from our favorite "anti-citizen" company! What's really happening? This: "What Allstate is attempting to do here is to intimidate those doctors who have the audacity to actually put the interests of injured citizens first and Allstate profits second. This is the same 'delay, deny, confuse and refuse' tactic that Allstate has used for years in defending personal injury claims."
The next time you are tempted to pet the sting rays up at Ripley's Aquarium or elsewhere, consider the risks: "The parents of a child who developed a bacterial infection after petting stingrays at the Tennessee Aquarium has filed a federal lawsuit seeking $2.4 million."

As a Knoxville accident lawyer, I see the potential validity of the case. As to the amount claimed in the lawsuit, let's take a look at the Complaint to see exactly how bad the kid's injuries were: (1) diagnosis -- fish-handler's disease,a sssociated with his contact with the sting rays; (2) multiple surgeries and procedures, including several rounds of nail plate avulsion and tendon sheath incision of his right hand for debridement of suppurative tenosynovitis; (3) the kid's finger continued to swell, his nail bed turned dark blue, the skin on his right index finger turned necrotic, and he endured excruciating pain throughout his right hand, having to be put under anesthesia just to change the bandages; (4) the kid still continues to suffer from pain and loss of mobility in his right index finger and right hand and has undergone extensive therapy in an attempt to return his right index finger and right hand to normal use and function.

I'm a scuba diver, and have touched sting rays numerous times while underwater. I would think it's pretty uncommon for such an infection to occur. So the issue in this case is not whether the sting ray contact caused the injury; I see it more as whether it was foreseeable that such passing patron contact would lead to such an injury. More generally, was the Tennessee Aquarium negligent to allow patrons to touch the sting rays? Those are tough questions.

Four things you need to know about Social Security Disability. This is important fundamental information, entirely valid to Social Security disability in Knoxville.
Alan Gross, a subcontractor for the Agency for International Development, has been imprisoned in Cuba for almost two years. He has been convicted by the Cubans and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. His crime: making the Internet available to members of Cuba's "miniscule" Jewish community. So, if you thought the days of the old Soviet-style repression are of the past, think again. You can sign a petition urging his release on humanitarian grounds.