Thursday, April 07, 2011

More good news. Our (not so) wonderful governor wants to "deliver a knockout blow" to the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act, too. And, surprise, surprise: this bill would prohibit you from being able to sue your insurance company under the Consumer Protection Act (or most other laws) for unfair or deceptive practices if it fails to protect you properly.

This law has been in effect for 34 years. what possible reason -- other than the greed of Big Business and Big Insurance could be behind the sudden push to destroy this vital consumer law?
House Judiciary Subcommittee "rushes" vote on rights restriction bill: "Tennessee Citizen Action, a consumer rights organization, called the bill an 'attack on hard-working Tennesseans and their families. It should be called the "Miscarriage of Justice Act of 2011," ' " said executive director Mary Mancini.

This bill is bad law, bad policy, and a disaster for regular people in this state. Business and Big Insurance love it, though, because the bill, if passed into law, would prevent some types of legal redress, and make it that much harder to get compensated in other types of cases. Businesses don't have to worry so much about conducting themselves properly, and Big Insurance just keeps on rollin' on.

Tennesseeans need to tell their legislators to vote AGAINST this bill. Here's a link to figure out who your legislator is and contact them.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Would you take $750,000 for the life of your child? If the Tennessee Legislature passes the governor's rights restriction law, that's what you'll be limited to.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A word of warning here. I just ran across a site called "" The site makes you fill out all your contact info, and then -- if you're in Tennessee -- it tells you there is no lawyer to assist you. The reason for this dead end is that the site is a marketing tool. Lawyers subscribe to it. Where are these attorneys from? California, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and so forth. Looks like the closest lawyer to us is in Alpharetta, Georgia or Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Steer clear of sites like this one if you're looking for information on Tennessee law or Tennessee claims. Look for reputable Tennessee lawyers, in your locale, and who have experience in the type of case you have.
RIP Ned Ray McWherter. What's interesting is that there was no love lost between Ned Ray and Victor Ashe and Lamar Alexander. Where were their testimonials while he was still alive?
We have our own little Japan-type environmental disaster. Oh, and Japan's disaster seems to have reached East Tennessee, as well.

I don't know, but whenever I am assured that all this radiation doesn't pose a health risk, I start to glow all over.
ATT does it again! My main line is down, for some unknown reason. They are "working on it." If anyone wants to call the office, This one works:

(865) 544-5726

Sorry about the problems. Ugh.

Monday, April 04, 2011

More evidence that Republicans have no interest in the rights of regular people: The Senate has approved and sent to the governor a bill that would reduce the maximum civil penalty for a "knowing" violation of state insurance laws from $25,000 per occurrence to $1,000 per occurrence. This means that an insurance company can deliberately and in bad faith deny your claim, and there is essentially no state penalty.

And by the way, talk about conflicts of interest: "The measure was sponsored by Sen. Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro, and Rep. Charles Sargent, R-Franklin, who both operate insurance agencies."

If Governor Haslam cares a whit about this state's policyholders, he will veto this bill. Don't hold your breath.