Thursday, December 11, 2003

Ralph Nader for president again???!! Maybe this time, he'll be the spoiler for the incumbent. On the other hand, if Dean is the nominee, maybe I want him to be the spoiler for him....

On the other hand, with the likes of Susan Sarandon endorsing him, Nader! (hee hee)
You want info? I've got info! How 'bout the discovery of the largest known prime number? On the other hand, "a neat accomplishment, but it really doesn't have any applicability," says the guy who discovered the number.

Maybe I should change the top of this post to: You want useless ino? I've got useless info!
If California is going to prosecute Michael Jackson with this report lurking in the background, they've got problems. It begs the question: what do they know NOW as opposed to February 2003?
Tyco's rats are turning on each other. Good. Remember the old saying: dogs make money, cats make money, pigs get slaughtered. I hope it's ham for dinner soon.
Israel: not the Riviera in France. Thank goodness.
If only I had these when I was a teenager. Life would have been much clearer, at least.
And you thought only those mean "plaintiffs" were the only ones filing stupid lawsuits? Think again.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Newsweek is out to get YOU. A compendium -- dare I say, fisking -- of this story's inaccuracies is here.

UPDATE: This Newsweek story is not hard news; its author admits his articles are opinion:
He has long admitted that his work is opinion and not news, saying, "I left the New York Times in 1988 and it's been no secret that virtually everything I've written since then has contained commentary--that is, opinions growing out of reporting and analysis." (LA Times, 4/23/98). In the past, his opinions have been strong enough to have him removed as a guest commentator on PBS, and even caused his friends to worry that he might be "tarnishing his hard-won reputation as a dispassionate legal analyst." (Washington Post, 3/11/98). His column's effusive praise of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr resulted in Taylor having to apologize for a conflict of interest when it was revealed that he had been simultaneously contemplating Starr's offer of a job on the investigation.

He also used to work for a well known pro-tort reform law firm.
My 6 year old wants a GameCube for Hanukah. Anyone know where I can find one cheap? Uh, cheaper?
Wish list: that Josiah Bartlett was real, that he wasn't such a gun control nut, and that he really could be our president. Too bad Martin Sheen seems to be a would-be assassin: "In an apparent bid to become the undisputed leader of the Hollywood-Actor-Activist set, Martin Sheen stands accused of hatching a plot to assassinate his main rival, actor Mike Farrell."

Hmm. Mike Farrell. Justifiable homicide? Irresistable impulse? Nah.
Gore endorses Dean. (a) Who cares. Gore is as politically dead as, say, Jimmy Carter. (b) Isn't that a kiss of death for Dean? If you care about the various statements, here is the text from the Dean blog.

My take on it was that Gore looked rusty and out of practice. Dean's remarks after Gore finished showed me that he doesn't have the gravitas that one would expect of a candidate and presidential would-be. I admit it. As a democrat, I don't much like Dean. My gut says that absent a Bush self-destruct, Dean could be the McGovern for the millenium. On the other hand, what do I know?

Joe Lieberman was caught out by the endorsement [thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the link]. I must say that pundit opinions that the Dean candidacy is an extension of a Gore move to the left in the 2000 general election campaign have the ring of verity. Extemism in any form is no good, from the left or the right. I believe Dean is a far left liberal in moderate's clothing, and despite all the alleged fear from the Bush camp, they are fairly salivating over running against McGover--uh, Dean in the general.

I still like John Edwards. Hope he makes a move. Unfortunately, his headline today is . . . well, he really doesn't have a headline today.
After only four months, Instalawyer is back on the blogosphere. Unfortunately, with some sad news. Former Sen. Paul Simon of Illinois has died at age 75. Here's a Chicago video stream, with comment by Illinois' Lt. Governor. Sorry about the ad preceding the news report; I don't know how to get rid of it. Here's a print story.

I have personally fond memories of Sen. Simon. In my third year of law school, I interned for Simon's Senate Judiciary subcommittee staff. One day, because my boss was throwing up in the bathroom, I had to staff the Senator at a subcommittee meeting featuring the Secretary of Commerce [Malcolm Baldridge] and the head of the Antitrust Division [Doug Ginsburg]. I was ready to go, as I had done the entire briefing book anyway. Naturally, the Senator's first question to me was (a) not in the book, and (b) a question to which I did not know the answer! After a sprint to the nearest library [1 floor down and, it seemed, a half a mile away], I had an answer. Aside from that, all was fine, and I must say that during that hearing and at other times when I had interaction with him, he was incredibly gracious, especially to an unpaid intern who was not even a constituent.

Another memory of my service in his office was when I saw the Challenger blow up, live and in color, from a TV in his personal office in the Dirksen building. Everything came to a halt in the normal kicked-over beehive of activity that was his senate office. I don't recall a peep from the room for about 30 minutes.

The reports are that he dies after having single bypass and heart valve replacement yesterday. That doesn't sound too onerous. I hope nobody screwed up. We've lost another of the Old Guard.