Monday, February 20, 2012

Yet another ridiculous post about the unemployed trying to make up the difference by filing for Social Security Disability. As hard as it is [very hard] and as long as it takes to get approved [anywhere from 6 months to 5 years], The real chances of anyone actually getting replacement income from Social Security is somewhere between slim and none. As lawyers handling Social Security claims in Knoxville and East Tennessee, our actual experience tells us that any such correlation is nonsense.
David Lee Roth explains the ban on brown M&Ms at Van Halen concerts:

Brown M&Ms from Van Halen on Vimeo.

They're just dumb musicians. Not.
Hey, we fooled 'em once, maybe we can fool 'em again: State Republicans seek to make it even harder to pursue a lawsuit.

Any time a lawyer takes a personal injury case on a contingency fee, that lawyer does a cost benefit analysis. Are the costs -- or is the gamble -- worth it in light of the possible benefit of a good outcome? By establishing limits last year on how much you can sue for -- no matter how bad the negligence or injury -- and by making it even more of a gamble to try a lawsuit in court [the so-called "loser pays" bill now being considered], Big Business, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Big Insurance are making the costs -- the gamble -- much higher. In this respect, the Republican-led Legislature and the Republican Governor are merely the tools of those pernicious Big Three.

What this is about is restricting peoples' access to the courts by making it too expensive and chancy for lawyers even to take your case. While we all snooze, our rights are being systematically taken from us. Even conservatives object to these brazen efforts to usurp the power of the judicial system.

If your state representative or senator is supporting this legislation, they are not representing your interests; they are instead in league with those Big Three named above who have the money and lobbying power to buy influence legislatures and judges. Call your representative/senator and make it clear to them that unless they represent you, then you'll be voting for anyone else come re-election time.