Tuesday, September 05, 2006


An Israeli physicist's 2004 analysis of the nature of the conflict between the Muslim world and the West. Interesting and compelling. The only reservation I have is relative to Iraq. To what extent prior to 2003 was Iraq actually sponsoring international terrorism? Let us assume it was. Nevertheless, the stated reasons for invading Iraq were to prevent it from using WMDs against the West. If this argument is another effort to recast the rationale for military action in Iraq to simply fighting terrorism, I don't buy it.

The other comment is the writer's spot-on analysis of "democratic" elections leading to fanatic regimes. He failed to mention, however, the abject failure of elections in Gaza, that led to Hamas being elevated to power. His theory is correct; he just failed to mention the most obvious example of his theory in action.

Aside from those comments, a cogent and worthwhile analysis.