Thursday, January 12, 2012

Along with terrible human tragedy, a heart-warming canine rescue story.

Here's a story on the facts of the incident.
Injured in a car wreck? In Florida, if the Republicans have their way, you will HAVE to go to the ER and not your family doctor. And, if you don't go within 72 hours, your personal injury protection insurance (no fault) claim will be denied.

At first blush, this looks like just another stupid idea by politicos who obviously need to get a life. But consider. How many of us would just not go to an understaffed, overcrowded ER, regardless of how we felt? Or, how many of us would wait a few days to see if we had any real accident-related injuries before seeking medical treatment. Perhaps, those Repubs are just trying to winnow down the number of claimants who could legitimately make a claim. Devious, and heartless. And certainly not in the best interest of the constituents the claim to represent.

Life Care's Colonial Hills Nursing Home in Maryville loses certification: Multiple -- multiple -- violations, including sexual molestation, medication errors, and others led to this action which in essence closes the facility and forces the evacuation of the residents.

Unfortunately, when it comes to nursing homes, these types of incidents are all too common.