Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Truth About Social Security Disability

Social Security facts:

(1) The percentage increase in people on Social Security disability in recent years was expected, due to the aging Baby Boomers, half of whom are now reaching "high disability years." Additionally, there has been an increase of women in the workforce in recent decades, women who are now eligible to draw on their own earnings record when they become disabled.

(2) Social Security does not contribute to the deficit; it is self-financed by payroll taxes. By law, the system cannot spend money it does not have and cannot borrow. People with disabilities who need these benefits when they cannot work should be able to receive the benefits they paid for in payroll taxes when they were able to work.

(3) Only around 40 percent of those who apply for benefits are eventually approved, ensuring that only those who meet the strict requirements are found eligible.

(4) Benefits are modest. Individuals receive on average around $13,500 per year, just enough to help beneficiaries avoid homelessness and bankruptcy.

Considering these facts, why is it that some in our government want to cut or eliminate benefits that, literally, are keeping people alive and off the streets?
Britain's security service, MI6, pays out over secret LSD mind control tests. So I guess the Austin Powers movies were based on truth?
Workers' comp changes only help big business:
Gov. Bill Haslam is proposing changes to workers’ comp that will cut benefits to injured workers, unnecessarily create a new government bureaucracy that is completely controlled by the executive branch, remove workers’ comp cases from the impartial court system, seriously jeopardize workplace safety and allow employers to “throw away” injured employees.

I thought the Governor and the Legislature were supposed to help the people of this state, to be on their side. I guess I was wrong.