Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Democrat denied the right to vote in the Republican primary: something's wrong here. "A three-judge political panel?" I have taken a quick look at the Tennessee statutes in question -- T.C.A. sec. 2-7-115(b) and 2-7-126 -- and sure enough, there is language about bona fide party affiliations. However, what if you are not affiliated with either party? The election commission's position would suggest that an independent would be barred from voting altogether.

I hope this gets challenged.
A fatal car wreck in Anderson County.
Poll: George W. Bush wins (loses?) on question of who is more to blame for our current economic woes"
When asked whether Bush or Obama was responsible for the recession, 53 percent of likely voters said Bush and 26 percent said Obama, according to the poll from Third Way, a think tank with close ties to centrist Democrats. Another 21 percent of respondents said they didn’t know.

Bush had 8 years to take the biggest boom economy of our lifetimes and run it into the ground. Obama's had a year and a half to try to straigten us out. The question remains, however, is the Administration's economic strategy the right one, and is it working?
President to Republicans: help the unemployed.
Anne Applebaum on the hypocrisy of the right. It's awfully curious that the Right is beating up on the Administration for not doing enough to stop the oil flowing in the Gulf of Mexico. Aren't they the same ones who keep saying that government is bad and should be reduced/eliminated?

I guess they don't quite believe that when there is political hay to be made.
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