Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Dennis Prager says that the U.S. is a Judeo-Christian country governed by a secular government. He doesn't much care for the ACLU, either:

That the ACLU would write a letter protesting three little plaques at the Grand Canyon with verses from the book of Psalms provides a clear example of how intent the organization is on destroying the Judeo-Christian moral foundations of this society. This, after all, is the same ACLU that went to court in Florida to protect a Muslim woman's right to be photographed for her driver's license ID wearing a veil! If it ain't Judeo-Christian, the ACLU is a big fan of religion.

For what it's worth, I always thought the U.S was a nation with moral and historical underpinnings based on Judeo-Christian concepts. I'm sure my hindu, arab, buddhist, etc. friends might agree with me there. Also, Prager misses the point in the quoted material above. The religious placques are assertedly a violation of the constitutional Establishment Clause to the first amendment. Allowing the moslem woman to wear her veil is consistent with the Free Exercise Clause to the first amendment.

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