Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tort Reform -- A Solution Without A Problem. Why is the Legislature even considering this, when "medical malpractice lawsuit filings have decreased 44 percent since 2008, accounting for only three percent of all civil suits"?

UPDATE: Former Senator Fred Thompson, who sponsored tort reform legislation in Congress back in 2003, is now a vocal opponent of the Haslam rights limitation bill. In fact, the Tennessee Association of Justice has employed him to lobby against such legislation. Here's an interview with Thompson. His message: "The fact of the matter is we have a good system here in Tennessee that has served us well for a long period of time."

This type of rights limitation legislation keeps popping up, despite the lack of any real evidence that it benefits the public, as opposed to Big Insurance. I blogged about similar federal legislation back in 2003. Thompson was, I believe, a Senate co-sponsor of this bill, which was -- properly -- defeated.

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