Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lowering the Bar got on this first, but it's worth a re-post. Let's just for the sake of argument say that I'm OK with nine federally-mandated medical insurance codes for injuries caused by turtles (yeah, you read that right). Now what I don't get are the thirteen codes assoiated with, ahem, "unspecified spacecraft" causing injury.

It gets better, that is, more absurd. Not only do they have a code for "Forced landing of spacecraft injuring occupant; initial encounter," they also have "Forced landing of spacecraft injuring occupant; subsequent encounter. I don't know about you all, but I very seldom have more than one encounter as an occupant on a spacecraft. But two?

Have I missed something? Is Lost in Space's Jupiter II for real (anybody ever wonder what happened to the Jupiter I? Or is that just me)? And where was I when they were handing out all these spacecraft for people like us to be occupants?

Shucks. I miss everything.

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