Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'Stella awards' filled with falsehoods: "The 'Stella awards' are ranked lists of personal injury lawsuits that, on their face, are frivolous but resulted in large damage awards. The originators of these lists choose to remain anonymous. The reference to “Stella” comes from Stella Liebeck, now deceased, who in 1992 suffered injuries caused by hot coffee purchased at a McDonald’s restaurant in New Mexico." Here's the takeaway:

For the most part, the Stella awards lawsuits are a complete fiction. In circumstances where there actually was a lawsuit, the description of the lawsuit is incomplete and/or false in important ways. By way of example, the first-place Stella award winner every year is Mrs. Merv Grazinski who, while motoring along in her Winnebago, sets the cruise control, gets up from the driver’s seat to make coffee, has an accident, sues the manufacturer for failure to warn of the risks inherent in this activity and recovers a seven-figure damage award. This story is a fabrication. There never was such a lawsuit.

The article then describes what actually happened in the McDonald's coffee case. I'd almost bet money that the facts are not what you think they are. You, like most other Americans, have been duped by the big lie propaganda from the forces of darkness.

I also recommend the excellent -- and depressing -- documentary, "Hot Coffee," for a more comprehensive look at that Big Insurance and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are doing under the radar screen to usurp your rights in the judicial system. Why is it depressing, you may ask? Because the movie demonstrates convincingly the four-prong strategy to deny you meaningful access to the courts for redress of your legal problems, as well as the unlimited funds the above-named organizations will spend to achieve their goals.

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