Monday, July 09, 2012

Are Social Security Benefits ‘A Form Of Modern 21st Century Slavery’?

Uh, no. As a Knoxville Social Security Disability lawyer, I get very frustrated when these talking head "pundits" blithely say that when unemployment runs out, then people go and get on Social Security Disability. Believe me, if it was that easy to get approved for Disability, then I would not be getting as many grey hairs as I am.

The fact is that it is damned hard to get approved. It takes an average of 3.5 years to go through the Social Security process. A claimant must have more than a legitimately disabling physical or mental condition even to have chance of getting approved. And even claimants who are obviously incapable of holding a job can, and do, get denied.

Given the delays and uncertainties of seeking Social Security Disability, there is just no way the unemployed are relying on disability to get by. And frankly, the big lie meme tends to make people think any claimant is gaming the system, i.e., that the claimant does not really deserve the disability benefits. The whole approach by these "pundits" is contradictory, anyway. Consider: to collect unemployment, one must certify they are ready, willing and able to work. To get disability, one must prove the obvious -- that there is no job in the national economy for which the claimant is qualified.

This whole argument is just a crock. It's a subterfuge for the real agenda: dismantling the Social Security system, piece by piece.

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Long Beach Disability Attorney said...

This is a ridiculous notion.

Social Security is a necessity for those who are hurt and can't work. If it wasn't in place, it would lead to extreme poverty in some situations leading to more crime.