Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Gore endorses Dean. (a) Who cares. Gore is as politically dead as, say, Jimmy Carter. (b) Isn't that a kiss of death for Dean? If you care about the various statements, here is the text from the Dean blog.

My take on it was that Gore looked rusty and out of practice. Dean's remarks after Gore finished showed me that he doesn't have the gravitas that one would expect of a candidate and presidential would-be. I admit it. As a democrat, I don't much like Dean. My gut says that absent a Bush self-destruct, Dean could be the McGovern for the millenium. On the other hand, what do I know?

Joe Lieberman was caught out by the endorsement [thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the link]. I must say that pundit opinions that the Dean candidacy is an extension of a Gore move to the left in the 2000 general election campaign have the ring of verity. Extemism in any form is no good, from the left or the right. I believe Dean is a far left liberal in moderate's clothing, and despite all the alleged fear from the Bush camp, they are fairly salivating over running against McGover--uh, Dean in the general.

I still like John Edwards. Hope he makes a move. Unfortunately, his headline today is . . . well, he really doesn't have a headline today.

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