Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Newsweek is out to get YOU. A compendium -- dare I say, fisking -- of this story's inaccuracies is here.

UPDATE: This Newsweek story is not hard news; its author admits his articles are opinion:
He has long admitted that his work is opinion and not news, saying, "I left the New York Times in 1988 and it's been no secret that virtually everything I've written since then has contained commentary--that is, opinions growing out of reporting and analysis." (LA Times, 4/23/98). In the past, his opinions have been strong enough to have him removed as a guest commentator on PBS, and even caused his friends to worry that he might be "tarnishing his hard-won reputation as a dispassionate legal analyst." (Washington Post, 3/11/98). His column's effusive praise of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr resulted in Taylor having to apologize for a conflict of interest when it was revealed that he had been simultaneously contemplating Starr's offer of a job on the investigation.

He also used to work for a well known pro-tort reform law firm.

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