Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Because I'm now obsessed by this dern blog, I did a Google search to see if I've been quoted by various and sundry. First hit was this nukevet guy/gal. He/she took umbrage at my statement about the Columbia breakup: "Frankly, it's a miracle somebody didn't get knocked on the head by one of the thousands of pieces of raining disaster." Apparently this blogger thought I was implying that litgation was in the offing. Touchy, touchy.... In fact, I was truly surprised that, given the number of fragments that there were, no one got hit. I don't know whether there would be a cause of action [well, probably, because NASA is already soliciting property damage claims], but this person apparently thinks I've got no sense of propriety in the matter. Wrong, bucko.

He also says: "While the cost of malpractice insurance may not fall strictly within the realm of greedy trial lawyers, I think the number of frivolous suits looking to place blame where none exists certainly does." Why does the word "greedy" always seem to come before "trial lawyers" for these types of folks? How come nobody says "greedy doctors" or "greedy insurance executives" -- you know, the ones who make zillions of dollars a year. And, if this guy has got some real data on what he assumes are a significant number of "frivolous" lawsuits, then I wish he'd post the data, instead of throwing out those types of irresponsible zingers.

On the bright side, he does say "But ya gotta give the guy some credit - he is battling one of the hardest PR battles I can think of, and offering us a perspective we usually don't see." So, maybe this guy's not all bad either. Heh.

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