Thursday, February 13, 2003 has weighed in and says that "if discouraging 'frivolous' lawsuits is the goal, why cap damages in successful suits, those that, by definition, are not frivolous?" And:
The current insurance "crisis" is, in fact, just the latest push in a decades-long effort to pass "tort reform" -- a campaign by corporations, doctors and insurance companies to insulate themselves from legal accountability by tying jurors hands.

"The people pushing tort reform have used campaign contributions and lobbying to compromise elected officials and regulators," says one consumer advocate. "Juries are the last line of protection for consumers. Jurors don’t take campaign contributions. They can’t be lobbied. What tort reformers fear most is 12 people they can’t control."

I got the links from Eric Alterman at Altercation [scroll down almost to the Rush Limbaugh apology -- thanks, Instapundit].

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