Thursday, February 27, 2003

Bernie emails me to dispute RJGator's take on's hatred of lawyers:
I read daily although I rarely comment, and I have to tell you that RJGator is misinformed. Most of the people on the site don't hate all lawyers, they just hate the lawyers who bring outrageous lawsuits. What is suprising to me is how defensive lawyers get, any criticism of lawyers is considered bashing and that's just not true. staff have never said that lawyers do not serve a purpose, so I would hardly call bringing a lawsuit an "epiphany". I think you guys need to grow a little thicker skin ;)

The site does link to a Tech Central Station Column that reads, in part:

The punch line in the McDonald's lawsuit will be if sly attorneys for the plaintiffs can get a judge and Americans in general to give up another bite of liberty to feed the lawyers' purses. The hope here is that people are not so dumb after all, and will send this case to a permanent rest, where it belongs.

Sounds like lawyer bashing to me. And, let's keep in mind that the plaintiffs in that McDonalds case are exercising their liberties. Those "sly" plaintiff's lawyers are exercising their liberties. It's the tort reformers who want to circumscribe our liberties. Let's please remember that.

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