Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Instalawyer.com's Atlanta correspondent, RJGatorEsq., passed on some information about a website called Lucianne.com. People who frequent the site ("LDotters") can post news articles there, and can attach comments to the articles. The site is run by Lucianne Goldberg, of Linda Tripp fame.

It seems that Lucianne and the LDotters hate lawyers with a passion so furious it is almost sick. Every lawyer is a greedybloodsuckingambulancechasingbottomfeeder who should be disbarredandtakenoutandhorsewhippedandshot. And all lawsuits are frivolousridiculousmeritlessandshouldbethrownout. If a person dies in an accident, the death is not important: what is important is their hysterical fear that somewhere, some attorney is going to make some money.

On Tuesday, the Lucianne.com staff and an LDotter seemingly experienced an epiphany. The staff posted a plea for information, apparently to help an LDotter bring a lawsuit against a doctor. The text of the post [click the link above and scroll down] reads:

LDotter In Need Department. The staff here at Lucianne.com would like you to visit the following web site: http://www.geoffreykeyeslawsuits.com. If anyone has had any experience with this doctor (he has treated patients nationwide) we would appreciate your getting in touch with us at our Email address lucianne@LComHdq.com . All shall be explained in due course."

Review of the site indicates that Keyes is a plastic/reconstructive surgeon. I guess someone's upset with his work, huh.

The editorial staff at Instalawyer welcomes LDotters into the real world--the world where medical malpractice does happen, cases have merit, and attorneys are a valued part of the judicial system. Also, congratulations to Lucianne, the Lucianne.com staff, and the LDotters on their epiphany, however belated. Also, thanks to our newest roving blogospondent, RJGatorEsq., for his ace investigative work in unearthing this link, and even helping draft my post!

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