Thursday, February 27, 2003

In the "that's interesting" department, I just had a call from Edwin Kim at Strata Productions. They are in pre-production of a new movie called "Heavens Fall," about the Scottsboro Boys case. Here's their web site. He says they're looking to raise $4 million or so in financing, that they have raised over half of that amount so far, and are looking for other investors for their syndicate. They have Gary Sinise as one of the leads in the picture. Apparently, this indie production company is a stepchild of Chicago's famous Steppenwolf Theatre, in which Sinise has been active. Here's some more information about the Scottsboro Boys case.

It's not every day that I get to sling the movie lingo. It was fun. He's going to send me one of their investor kits, so I'll post more if there's anything interesting in it. If anyone is interested in investing in this theatrical release project, call Edwin Kim at (847) 864-7415 X 227. Happy moviemaking!

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