Thursday, March 20, 2003

Either you're with us or you're not. And here's the rogue's gallery of some of those who are NOT: Palestinians [about 700 Palestinians, most of them schoolchildren, waved Iraqi flags and posters of Saddam Hussein and burned two U.S. flags after the attack in Iraq. Among the slogans they shouted were "Death to America, death to Bush," and "We will sacrifice our soul and our blood for Saddam."], Egyptians ["God, you are almighty, you are capable of turning this [war] against" the
Americans, said Egyptian Bashir el-Afesh as he finished his prayers in Cairo.], Syrians, er, Lebanese, er, ah, what's the difference these days [In the Lebanese capital, papers pushed back deadlines to include war news and appeared on newsstands.] Of interest is Iran, who while deploring the military action ["American military operations on Iraq are unjustifiable and illegitimate"] nevertheless is remaining neutral: "The Islamic Republic of Iran will not enter into action to the benefit of either side."

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