Thursday, March 20, 2003

Pax Americana? In the case of Scott Speicher, the American aviator shot down in 1991 over Iraq, declared KIA, and now believed to be alive and held by the Iraqis, I think it's worth going to war to save even one American held captive by these bastards. Sgt. Stryker posts about it, and links to another article about this brave and somewhat overlooked American, which then links to the web site set up in part by Speicher's wife. There are plans for a rescue in the early phases of the war. If anything will make this a popular conflict, getting Scott Speicher out of Iraq and back with his family ought to do the trick!

Now here's the thorny dilemma. Scott's wife, believing him dead for years, married another man and has had children with him. If Speicher returns to the land of the living, so to speak, what then? Does she stay with the new husband, go back to Scott, or move to Utah and practice polygamy?

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