Monday, March 17, 2003

Well, the waiting's about over. There will be no vote on a second UN resolution. Bush is set to address the nation tonight. Hopefully, it will coincide with an attack in progress; some tactical surprise would be nice. Even the possibility that the excruciating wait is ending has caused the markets to jump up.

To the anti-war types, what are you all so afraid of; if Saddam is telling the truth, there won't be any bio-terror or nuclear disasters. What I [and probably the Administration] am afraid of is that Saddam has been lying. Example [from the first link]:

Meanwhile, unnamed U.S. officials in Washington told CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr on Monday there was "more chatter in the system" pointing to the possibility that Iraq may be preparing to use chemical weapons in a possible U.S.-led war. Chatter is usually defined as monitored, yet unspecified, intelligence messages.

I'd certainly prefer that Iraq not use WMD. Iraq's use of those weapons would, however, validate everything we have been saying.

UPDATE: at 2:27, the markets are now up 242 points. Boy, we need to win big and win fast.

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