Friday, March 21, 2003

A fellow named Fred Nicholson seems awfully upset at my blogging the photos of the relatively moribund anti-war rally yesterday in Knoxville. Let's see what he has to say, kids:
Am I right? Do you feel that by bludgeoning anyone who opposes the war -- attacking their patriotism and accusing them of lack of support for the troops -- you are doing this country a service? Do you take satisfaction in silencing the opposition?

This is very similar in many ways to the Republican position vis a vis the Florida recount in 2000 -- if a crime has been committed and the criminal has been successful -- GET OVER IT!!! Here we have it again -- the domestic criminals in Washington have turned this country into an international criminal -- WELL, IT'S OVER NOW!!! GET OVER IT!!! AND SUPPORT THE TROOPS, ALREADY!!!

Anybody who believes in free speech is unAmerican! Anyone who believes in international law is unAmerican! Anyone who opposes a war of aggression is unAmerican!

Did you ever have to study the constitution? That is, as a document based on certain underlying principles (not just as something that you will learn -- as a lawyer -- to try to get around and subvert). Do you have no feeling for the American system of government? I don't think you can plead ignorance (like the president -- he, at least, has a good case). Or are you actively opposed to the American system of government? Do you hope by supporting this administration to change America into something that
you're more comfortable with -- eliminating a lot of that freedom and democracy bullshit?

I guess I have to admit, I just don't understand you. But I will say that you frighten me. (Does that please you? I'm guessing it does.)

Whooo! I was just having fun with my digital camera.

Perhaps Fred hasn't read previous posts from this blog, where I hope I spelled out a reasonably thoughtful rationale for why I support military action. As I have said, I have no love lost for this Administration, and I do wonder if they are actually smart enough to have set up over the last 8 months the scenario where war was the only viable alternative. Because that's where we were when the decision was made to go.

As to that business about understanding the Constitution, I have done my share, but I sure don't understand why you should impugn my belief in the principles of the document. I don't believe I've said anything here that would be construed as a refutation of it. And that snipe about lawyers trying to get around and subvert it is just plain mean. Oh, and untrue. So there.

For the record, I have always considered myself a Democrat. That doesn't mean that I will slavishly support any activity identified with Democrats. I think the anti-war movement has taken the wrong position, has taken it stupidly, and has not taken it with any kind of analytical consistency. I think, just as the Republicans were incensed with Clinton winning in 1992 [remember the "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Bush" bumper stickers], the Democrats refuse to get over the fact that this Bush, according to the Constitution, won in 1992. I don't like that fact, but it's done. Get over it.

So much of the anti-war protest is not about the war, it's about hating Bush. That's fine, but it confuses your message. Allying with anti-semitic/anti-Israel groups like ANSWER doesn't do much for your credibility, either, as far as I'm concerned.

Learn from history: those same post-1992 Republicans, rabidly motivated to oust Clinton in 1996, ended up with a candidate that lost by a landslide. Recriminating about the 2000 election result will not lead to a change in the White House, in my opinion.

Finally, it seems to me that I was doing the rally-goers a favor by publicizing their get-together. They're exercising their First Amendment rights; so am I. As I said, whatever makes 'em happy....

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